To implement the Protocol of Understanding signed with the City of Bologna on 5 July 2016, CDP Investimenti Sgr is holding a two phase international design competition for the site of the former Sani Barracks in Bologna, to be converted into public spaces and private, primarily residential functions.

The former Sani Barracks is a decommissioned military complex situated in the Navile neighbourhood, in the Bolognina district, between Via Stalingrado and Via Ferrarese.
The area is located to the north of the historic centre of Bologna, approximately one kilometre outside the historic Galliera gate.
The barracks once produced foodstuffs for the army and after the Second World War served principally as a storage depot.

The object of the competition is a Master Plan providing indications for the successive phase of operational planning. In detail, the objective is to identify a design proposal that respects the content of the applicable heritage listing and the indications contained in planning legislation, in addition to defining an urban structure for the renewal of the Property, criteria of functional mixité, the design of public spaces and rules for the refurbishment of listed buildings.